Hero Returns

Platform: PC
Genre: 2D point&click quest that includes classical hide and seek scenes.
Engine: Torque 2D
Release date: May 13, 2013
Publisher: Alawar


A protagonist called Hero is obsessed with the thought that his girl got into trouble and he is the only one to help her. But every time he thinks he has cleared everything out, it appears that this princess is in another castle…
Pass all the levels.  Break all of the secrets hidden there. Try to understand where the dream begins and what mysteries Hero will have to face with!

Key Features:

– 40 classical 2D levels
– 30 full-screen hide and seek levels
– 20 mini games
– 5 video cut scenes
– 20 neutral habitants of the game with whom Hero will have to cooperate

Technical Features:

– 5000 keys of animation
– 100+ particle fx
– 2800 static sprites
– 3240 audio samples were recorded for the game
– 200 audio effects and 30 unique audio tracks