Groovy is a physics-based platformer game with puzzle elements, that will require from you speed, reaction, reflexes and attentiveness.
The game world is divided into two modes – Arcade and Survival, each of them filled with a unique environment, challenges and enemies.
Try your strength and get a new gaming experience by playing with a ball!






Key Features

– two different game modes
– 48 levels in Arcade Mode
– 36 from 360 randomly selected levels in Survival Mode
– 100+ special effects
– 12 unique game items, that let you create own game strategy
– 50 music tracks in Electronic, Trance, Techno and EDM style
– random level elements, that adds unpredictability in the game
– 32 customizable Groovy skins
– at least 6 gameplay hours

Platform: PC, Linux

Release: May 27, 2016




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