I'm Titanium

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1550 3D Meshes.
Optimized for mobile game projects also.
Create your own infinite game universe.


220 HQ seamless 2K texture on theme brick, concrete, plaster, tiles.
Absolutely FREE for any projects, inclusive commercial!
All project file and beautifull Unreal Engine 4 demo scene are inclusive.

Space Arena

This scene was created especially for novice users on Unreal Engine 4.
Many material in this project a very easy for understanding.
How to works, with materials, 3D meshes, fx, sounds, animation.


To Your Projects are needed 4K Metallic Textures?
It's just a FREE 100 4K Seamless Metallic Textures.

General idea!

On this site you will not find advertisements, buttons for donations and other crap.
Also, this site without a blog with idiotic ideas. We just produce content.
Our team, produce content for computer games of any complexity.
We really love what we do, and most of what we produce, we just give away for free.
And it's part of our philosophy :)
All downloading file, you can use in your commercial game projects.
Our license is the most user friendly on the Earth, called gift :)

P.s. sometimes we make games, yep, not bad games...

Use right tools!

In our work, we use only procedural software.
It's Houdini, Substance Designer, Terragen, World Machine, Nuke, and Unreal Engine.
This approach in the work, expands the boundaries of the possible.
And it allows us to make interesting things as soon as possible.
Good result, is the result of hundreds and thousands of experiments.
And procedural software, ensures maximum number of iterations as soon as possible with less time.

If we create 3D model, this is not just model, it is digital tools.
If we create texture, this is not just image, this is rule from patterns, noises and corrections.
If we develop game, it is a fully polished products, without early access and other shit.
One month for development, three month for test and polishing.

Be really independent!

Our work style not dependent on trends, and not follow the trend.
All our products, this is not the months of hard work. This is pure improvisation.

Life is improvisation, and the best plan - a complete lack of plan.
We are ready to change, every day.
We are truly indie studio.