Hello World!

Need a quality content for game projects?
Just select and download, absolutely free ;)

Coming soon!

We are finishing working for new original packs.
Textures, materials, sounds, templates...
Stay tuned ;)


This site without blog, comment section and other great idiotic ideas.
Our team just produce game projects and game content.
Many from our products is absolutely free for commercial use also.
It is just gift for all who interested and working in game production.
Because free, but quality content for all, it is part of our philosophy.
And we are hope that this will helps you in the your work.
We really love what we do <3

About us.

SGS Team aka the Storm Game Studio.
Independent developers team which working on the games.
Also our team helps to produce content for game and video industry of any complexity.
We working with CG from 2010 year.
Our production pipeline based on procedural softwares - Houdini, Substance Designer, Nuke, Unreal Engine...
And we are happy to see you in the our official site!